Proven track record

People from all over the world have long looked to Melbourne for opportunity and have been fortunate in finding it here. With strong government support, Melbourne has thrived on a high concentration of foreign investment.


A diverse economy


Melbourne’s history shows how it developed into a truly diversified economy. Melbourne has welcomed investment from all over the globe and across many industries, including digital technologies, advanced manufacturing, health and life sciencesclean energy and research and development. We recently welcomed: Keywords, Orsted, UST, CI&T, SunGreenH2 and LeadSquared.

A knowledge city 

The early 2000's

Significant investment in Melbourne's higher education during the early 2000's enhanced the city's capability for producing the quantity and quality of talent that we are now famous for. At the same time it fuelled the growth of a thriving education sector.

It was during this period that major universities such as the University of Melbourne and Monash University established their reputation for being amongst the best in the world. They now attract thousands of students from Asia and all over the world.

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Services and advanced manufacturing

Post the 1990's

In response to growing international competition and technical advances, Melbourne transitioned into a knowledge driven, skills-based, and, increasingly export-oriented economy.

A growing and sophisticated services sector was complemented by Victoria's position as Australia's leader in advanced manufacturing. It also became a thriving and cosmopolitan global city.

A thriving industrial hub

The 20th century

From the mid 20th century, we welcomed investment from around the world. Major industrial companies such as Ford and Boeing established operations in Victoria, now with strong legacies of over 80 years. ExxonMobil has been refining crude oil in Melbourne for over 60 years and Toyota began manufacturing vehicles in Melbourne more than  50 years ago.

'Marvelous Melbourne'

The 19th Century

Melbourne’s success story began a with the gold rush of the 1850's and 1860's, when it was one of the largest cities in the British Empire and one of the wealthiest in the world. It was a major port and was popularly referred to as 'Marvellous Melbourne'.