Transport Infrastructure

An infrastructure boom with historic opportunities.

Melbourne’s rapidly expanding population puts it on track to be Australia’s largest city from 2031-2032.1This brings significant opportunities for world-class technology, expertise and design that will transform Melbourne for future generations.

With A$109 billion in announced infrastructure projects and a A$80 billion pipeline of major works already secured for the next decade, the Victorian Government is on the global hunt for innovation that delivers top value for both Victorians and investors.

Join the active list of international partners who are enhancing the infrastructure in Australia's fastest growing state, including Siemens, Plenary, CRRC Changchun Railway Vehicles, Bouygues Construction and Alstom.

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WEBINAR:  Suburban Rail Loop Industry briefing


1. Centre for Population, 2021 Population Statement, The Australian Government

Once-in-a-generation infrastructure opportunities for foreign companies in Victoria

The Victorian Government is actively inviting foreign investors to participate in an extensive road and rail project pipeline that will deliver system upgrades, new technologies and connections between growing regions. Find out more about opportunities to:

Why invest in Melbourne for your transport infrastructure project?

Project bidding models that encourage diverse investments

Victoria is building big for the future. To help transform Melbourne into a global city of 9 million by 2056, the Victorian Government is offering premium support to foreign investors, with a record project pipeline that requires the world’s best technology, design and construction expertise.

Victoria’s innovative bidding model delivers strong support for international investors, including:

  • reduced uncertainty for prospective bidders through early engagement to better understand the barriers to invest
  • some opportunities allow for refunding companies portions of their bid costs if they are unsuccessful
  • de-risking projects through joint management of project development and use of early works contracts
  • Working closely with the Federal Government to secure joint funding

Home to some of the largest infrastructure spends in the region

Equipped with major infrastructure assets, including the largest and busiest container port in Australia, a highly skilled workforce and world-leading R&D hubs, Victoria currently contributes a significant proportion of national infrastructure projects and some of the largest in Australia’s history, including:

  • Level Crossings Removal Project: A$8.3 billion project to eliminate 75 level crossings across metropolitan Melbourne by 2025
  • Melbourne Airport Rail: Over A$10 billion to connecting Melbourne Airport with all metropolitan and regional rail lines
  • Metro Tunnel Project: A$11 billion project on a new rail tunnel under the city to run more trains in and out of the suburbs
  • North East Link Program: A$16 billion tunnel link connecting Melbourne’s freeway network while increasing capacity of the Eastern Freeway
  • West Gate Tunnel Project: A $6.7 billion project to improve travel to and from Melbourne’s west
  • Regional Rail Revival: Over A$4 billion so far has been dedicated to ongoing major upgrades across every regional passenger line in Victoria
  • Suburban Rail Loop:  New funding of $9.3 billion towards major works on Suburban Rail Loop East.

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The Victorian Government is investing in the next round of projects

Guided by the Victoria Infrastructure Plan and Infrastructure Victoria's 30 year strategy, the Victorian Budget 2021/22 is continuing to build on major investments, including:

  • Melbourne Intermodal Terminal: A$2 billion infrastructure build based in the Docklands Precinct to support existing and future rail services
  • a massive $1.5 billion investment in rolling stock to make public transport journeys more comfortable and reliable
  • $986 million to support the design, construction and maintenance of 25 brand new X’Trapolis 2.0 trains
  • $367.5 million investment in infrastructure for the Next Generation Trams, including a dedicated tram maintenance facility, which will start rolling out on the network in 2025
  • A$179.4 million to develop infrastructure around Fisherman’s Bend, placing this innovation hub at the global forefront of advanced manufacturing, engineering and design

Tap into an industry with highly-skilled and globally-experienced manufacturing, engineering and technology talent

Victoria is home to:

  • advanced manufacturing capabilities driven by the expertise of Australia’s largest manufacturing sector, which provides 31 per cent of the country’s manufacturing output and employs 300,000 people
  • more engineering and related technology and IT graduates in 2019 than any other region in Australia or Singapore3
  • the largest pool of Automotive Engineers in Australia. It also has a larger pool, with a higher growth rate than Singapore while being under less hiring demand3
  • a greater pool of Aerospace Engineers than NSW and Queensland combined. This is also greater than twice the size of Singapore’s pool, with the same growth rate3
  • institutions partnering with industry to deliver transport-related courses, including RMIT University’s Master in Transport Systems Engineering and Victoria University’s Graduate Certificate in Transport Systems and The Rail Academy, one of Australia’s leading rail training facilities

3. Linkedin Jobs Insights Report Sept 2020

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Investment opportunities in transport infrastructure

Investment opportunities in transport infrastructure

We can help you develop advanced research partnerships at world-leading R&D hubs

Suburban Rail Loop Project

Invest Victoria together with the Suburban Rail Loop present an industry briefing on opportunities for companies to participate in the build of the Suburban Rail Loop in Melbourne.

Suburban Rail Loop Industry Briefing - December 2021

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