Sizeable and growing market

Over 2.3 million businesses in Australia.

Almost 27% located in Victoria

Of those located in Victoria, 64 percent are non-employing businesses, 34 per cent are small businesses employing up to 19 people, and two per cent are medium enterprises employing up to 199 people. There are over 1,000 businesses employing more than 200 people.1

1. ABS, cat. no. 8165.0, 2019

Melbourne projected to be the largest Australian city as early as 2031.1

Melbourne is a thriving market.  Over the last decade, Melbourne’s population has grown significantly more than any other Australian city, adding more than one million residents. Melbourne is an affluent society of over five million people with strong demand for goods and services.2

1. ABS, cat. no. 3222.0, November 2018

2. ABS, cat. no. 3101.0, Invest Victoria internal analysis

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