Australia's edtech market is forecast to grow 11 per cent by 2025. Explore opportunities in this expanding market.

Melbourne is the perfect launching ground for transformative education solutions. Foreign investment opportunities in this field are rapidly growing alongside accelerating demand for online course delivery and lifelong skill development.

With 33 per cent of Australia’s edtech companies located in Melbourne,1 this thriving education technology sector is building successful and collaborative partnerships between technology companies, globally recognised education institutions and industry.

Join companies such as global marketplace leader Seek Learning, Xplor, A Cloud Guru, Compass Education and Education Horizons, who have captured opportunities to successfully launch innovative edtech products from Melbourne.

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1. Invest Victoria and AlphaBeta – Australian Education Technology Modelling 2020

We can help you explore edtech opportunities in Melbourne and Australia

Driven by advances in technology and growing demand for accessible and flexible learning, Australia is increasingly using edtech across a wide range of sectors, from grade K-12 schools to higher education, corporate organisations and private learners. Click below to find out about opportunities including:

Why Melbourne for your edtech business?

Melbourne’s thriving edtech sector is continuing to grow

Melbourne is Australia’s education capital. With an international education sector worth over  $13.7 billion, education has been Victoria's largest services export industry for over a decade, delivering global products that are transforming learning and consistently boosting Victoria’s edtech revenue.

.The perfect testbed for edtech innovation, Victoria is home to:

  • 33 per cent of Australia’s dynamic edtech companies,1 supported by a significant spike in investment since 2019, including Seek’s A$118.5 million investment in joint venture partner Swinburne University.
  • OPM companies include Keypath Education, OES, Open Universities Australia and Kahoot Learning. Global OPM companies with Australian headquarters in Melbourne include Pearson (UK) and FutureLearn.
  • 10 of the world’s best universities, with five ranked in the world’s Top 100 universities2
  • over 2,230 primary and secondary schools, with the largest international student program in government schools nationally

Deep talent pool of local tech knowledge

  • The number of professionals in Victoria in key occupations including software developers and engineers, outstrip both Singapore and Hong Kong, are increasing faster than elsewhere in Australia.3
  • Victoria has more skilled professionals in e-learning and learning design than Singapore, Hong Kong and anywhere else in Australia including NSW, SA and QLD.3
  • Victoria had more engineering and related technology, and IT graduates than any other region in Australia or Singapore.3
  • Investors in Victoria also have access to the right talent in digital sales and marketing, with a large and fast growing number of professionals with business development skills in the education and training industry, growing faster than NSW and QLD.3

Access to innovative research hubs, universities and think-tanks

  • Access world-leading education research institutes, such as the Grattan Institute and the Australian Council for Educational Research, who specialise in K-12 schooling as well as tertiary and VET
  • Connect with the Education Technology Consortium of Victoria (ETCV), a network that develops best practice in the delivery of IT service to improve learning and teaching in schools
  • Further develop AI programs alongside Victoria’s research centres, in broader collaboration with leading universities and commercial entities
  • Partner with notable education consultancy specialists, including Edified, Curio and Learning First. International consultancy firms such as KPMG, Deloitte, PwC and EY also have strong engagement with Victoria’s education sector

The Victorian Government has invested A$10.8 billion across the education sector over the past four years

Funding initiatives from the Victorian Government include:

  • a A$128 million Tech Schools Initiative that provides additional cutting-edge tech facilities to Victorian schools and continues to foster access to industry partners
  • the STEM Centre of Excellence, hosted by Science Gallery Melbourne in Parkville, as part of the University of Melbourne’s new innovation precinct
  • a thriving Victorian Innovation Hub in Melbourne’s Docklands CBD that brings together tech and industry
  • a new digital hub in Cremorne to up-skill Victoria's tech workforce, foster entrepreneurial startups and drive development partnerships.

1. Invest Victoria and AlphaBeta – Australian Education Technology Modelling 2020
2. QS World University Rankings 2021
3. Linkedin Talent insights, September 2020

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