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Invest Victoria is a world-class investment promotion agency (IPA) providing free confidential services and professional advice to international investors. We can connect you to our extensive network of contacts to create investment opportunities when you set up your business in Melbourne, Victoria.

VIDEO: Melbourne, the world's most liveable city

Victoria (capital city, Melbourne) has one of the strongest economies and most enviable lifestyles in the developed world.

If you are considering setting up a business or headquarters in Australia or in the Asia-Pacific, consider Melbourne for its competitive and dynamic business environment, skilled and innovative workforce, world-class infrastructure and government support services.

Invest Victoria's services include:

1. Arranging programs:

for you to gather market information and make contacts in Melbourne and Victoria.

2. Providing information on your market potential:

existing companies, research and development capabilities, available skills and costs.

3. Your site selection property requirements:

Identifying a range of available sites and assisting with infrastructure and approvals.

4. Your partners:

Putting you in touch with suitable local suppliers, service providers and partners.

5. Linking you to government services:

including government grants and government support programs.

6. Support in your home market:

A client manager in one of our international business offices will work with you in your market to tailor a service package that suits your needs.

7. Ongoing support for your business:

Providing ongoing support both in Australia and in your home market to assist your business to maximise its potential.

>> Contact an Invest Victoria office near you or phone us on +61 3 9651 8100.

Experience Melbourne, Victoria

Victoria is home to 5.65 million people with 4.25 million of them living in the capital city of Melbourne. The city is multicultural, welcoming residents from more than 235 countries and regions. Melburnians or Melbournites are well educated and multilingual with 28% speaking another language other than English. Melbourne is the world's most liveable city. Its comparably low population density contributes to many lifestyle advantages such as affordable housing and accommodation and the great outdoors.

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