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Transport technology demand is growing by 27 per cent per annum in Australia.  Join other global companies in producing innovative solutions from Melbourne

Victoria’s extensive transport sector is generating unprecedented investment opportunities for technology solutions that supports a booming population and meets the state’s net zero emissions goal for 2050, leading a transition to smarter infrastructure and ‘vehicles of the future’.

With transport accounting for seven per cent of the Australian economy, forecasts indicate demand for transport technology will grow nationally by 27 per cent every year to meet congestion and safety challenges, opening a significant market for technology innovations to be lead out of Victoria.

Join innovators such as Tritium, Bosch, Investible, Cubic, Kapsch, Tempus Partners and Textron Systems who have chosen to invest in Victoria and develop products that will provide safe and supported transport solutions into the future.

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1. Invest Victoria and AlphaBeta analysis 2020

Opportunities open for global technology, expertise and design

The Victorian Government is strongly supporting the research, trials and commercialisation of technology that will increase public transport usage, decrease congestion, and lower costs for business. Click on the below and find out more about opportunities to:

Why Melbourne your transport technology project?

Melbourne is home to Australia’s leading transport technology sector

Melbourne, Victoria has a vibrant transport technologies sector, with a committed zero emissions reduction target and rapidly growing transport network, Victoria is positioned as a leader in the transport technology space.

  • The Major Transport Infrastructure Authority (MTIA) is managing a number of transport projects across Victoria to the value of $80 billion
  • Over the next decade there will be a pipeline of construction works, this is broken down to 5 major projects teams: West Gate Tunnel Project, Major Road Projects Victoria, Level Crossing Removal Project, North East Link Project and Rail Projects Victoria
  • Victoria is the first state in Australia to introduce the latest generation ultra-rapid EV charging stations capable of fully charging an Electric Vehicle in under 15 minutes and sourced from 100 per cent renewable energy
  • From Victoria you can access diverse climatic zones and environmental conditions, coupled with world class research and development infrastructure and its local manufacturing base, make it an ideal testbed for transport technology solutions.
  • Victoria’s regulatory and legislative regime is open to working with technology providers to enable solutions as seen with its introduction of rideshare legislation in 2017-18.
  • Australia has a digitally savvy population with a high adoption rate for new technology, with Roy Morgan classifying 17% of Australians as early adopters.
  • Victoria’s diverse demographics can assist in market testing products before taking them to global markets.

Victoria has advanced transport capabilities, particularly in engineering, design and manufacturing

Victoria is home to:

  • Transport Technologies Research Group specialises on urban transport and the vision of an integrated multimodal transport system.
  • The Melbourne Unmanned Aircraft Systems Integration Platform (MUASIP) provides a unique institutional capability to conduct leading edge Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) research.
  • School for Transport Systems and Civic Infrastructure Is a cross-university school, uniting teaching and learning, research and innovation together.
  • Transport@RMIT brings together transport researchers and educators to promote and deploy RMIT’s interdisciplinary capability in transport
  • Monash Institute of Transport Studies (MITS) is a research facility dedicated to the development of safe, efficient and sustainable multimodal transport
  • Public Transport Research Group are engaged in research on public transport systems. Research interests include public transport and strategic planning, travel demand management, travel behaviour, transit safety
  • The Carbon Nexus research facility (part of the Geelong carbon fibre precinct) is a world-first facility with a carbon fibre production line and research centre in the same building.
  • RMIT Unmanned Aircraft Systems Research Team (RUASRT) is dedicated to enabling the safe and efficient operation of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) in a variety of civil, commercial and defence applications
  • The Autonomous and Intelligent Aerospace Systems (AIAS) Laboratory is Thales’ preferred academic partner for R&D in Air Traffic Management (ATM)
  • The Australian Automotive Research Centre (AARC) occupies a 1000-hectare site and is the largest privately owned and independently operated automotive testing facility in Australia.

Unrivalled government support

Victoria is the first state in Australia to introduce the latest generation ultra-rapid electric vehicle charging stations capable of fully charging an electric vehicle in under 15 minutes and sourced from 100 per cent renewable energy

The Victorian Government has provided $3 million funding to support Chargefox’s roll-out of seven ultra-rapid charging sites across Victoria at: Airport West, Euroa, Barnawartha North, Moe, Torquay, Ballarat and Horsham.

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