Major investors from Southeast Asia

Opportunities for Southeast Asian Investment

Victoria is a world-leading launching ground for research and product development with demonstrated commercial and global impact. Victoria's thriving research ecosystem boasts large-scale R&D infrastructure and includes major research facilities such as The Australian Synchrotron, The Australian Nanofabrication Facility, Carbon Nexus, Data 61, Oceana Cyber Security Centre and the CSIRO's Food Innovation Centre.

There are significant opportunities for Southeast Asian companies to expand their businesses into Melbourne and the wider state of Victoria, and undertake significant R&D activities in the areas of digital technology, health and life sciences, food and agriculture, advanced manufacturing and the clean economy.

In 2023, Melbourne was selected by the Singaporean Government to be a Global Innovation Alliance partner, a program which brings Singapore-based companies to expand into innovative cities across 37 countries globally.

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Major investors

Major companies from Southeast Asia operate in Victoria across a wide range of industries.

Healthcare  Technology

  • Oncoshot
  • KroniKare
  • Homage

Clean Economy

  • Green Li-Ion
  • Hydroleap
  • SunGreenH2
  • Divigas

Digital Technology

  • NCS
  • Singtel
  • Seventh Sense
  • Bukalapak

Food and Agriculture

  • Barry Callebaut
  • 67 Pall Mall

Advanced Manufacturing

  • RMA Group

In December 2022, Invest Victoria launched a $20 million Equity Investment Attraction Fund that prioritises direct equity investments in high-growth companies in priority sectors that are of strategic interest to Victoria. The Fund’s primary focus is to attract international or interstate startups to Victoria. The fund has invested in two Singaporean companies as of September 2023 – Seventh Sense, a deep-tech AI company with core competency in facial recognition; and Hydroleap, an innovative wastewater treatment startup that uses modularised electrochemical technologies to replace conventional chemical and energy-intensive processes.

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