Melbourne key to Asia Pacific growth for NCS

The Investment


NCS, a multinational information technology company, has established a base in Melbourne and is setting up a Cloud Centre of Excellence to deploy and grow its scaled digital transformation services throughout APAC.

The Story

Founded in 1981 as National Computer Systems and acquired by Singtel in 1997, Singapore headquartered NCS is a key global player in delivering ICT solutions for enterprise customers and governments across Asia. Combining the experience and expertise of its 10,000-strong team across 49 specialisations in 15 Asia Pacific cities, it has delivered over 3,500 large-scale, mission-critical and multi-platform projects to governments and private sector organisations in Singapore and around the world. This includes transformational projects in the health, e-Government and infrastructure sectors.

NCS employees

Its recent focus has been to strengthen its regional capabilities in the Asia Pacfic, with a particular focus on Australia and China. As such, NCS was looking for an ideal location for its Asia Pacific expansion and for partners and personnel with world-leading knowledge and capabilities for continued and sustainable growth in the region.

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They had identified that Australia is the best market to this part of the world for digital transformation and implementation of software and hardware as it is a much bigger market than Singapore.

Australia is the best market in this part of the world for digital transformation.

Andre Conti - Growth and Transformation Lead, NCS Australia

In December 2020, this resulted in the company launching NCS NEXT in Australia.  It established a Melbourne base and their NEXT Cloud Centre of Excellence (CoE) in Melbourne, strengthening their growth prospects in the region.

The CoE will offer governments and enterprises greater support in accelerating their cloud initiatives. It will involve innovating and co-creating new applications, processes and services with organisations to better service their end customers and stakeholders.

Andre Conti explains that Melbourne has strong attributes that make it easy for NCS to grow.

It’s world-class universities and talent, innovative tech community and outstanding lifestyle makes it easy to find great IT talent and attract and retain the best minds to join us and be part of our evolution.

Andre Conti - Growth and Transformation Lead, NCS Australia

Andre Conti, Lead for NCS NEXT Solutions Australia

The NCS NEXT CoE in Melbourne is one of several across the region including including Singapore and South East Asia. Each centre will draw upon the unique strengths of the city in terms of talent, innovation, and client-base.

How we helped

Invest Victoria facilitated an MoU between NCS and the Victorian Government.

Andre Conti - Growth and Transformation Lead, NCS Australia

NCS believes in building a strong partner ecosystem with leading technology players, research institutions and start-ups to support open innovation and co-creation.  Under a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Victorian Government”, Invest Victoria will provide NCS with ongoing assistance to establish their network and deepen their engagement in Melbourne, particularly with world-class Victorian universities and institutions in relation to academic and research oriented partnerships and access to talent. The MOU will provide NCS with ongoing advice and support to grow their operations in the region.

In partnering with Invest Victoria to grow a tech ecosystem, the CoE will be leveraged to promote innovation in cloud, reach new customers, locate new talent and access Victoria’s rich technology ecosystem for continued growth.

A keystone to NCS’s regional growth has been partnerships and acquisitions with key players including RILEY, a cloud-based solutions consultancy, The Dialogue Group, Eighty20 Solutions and ARQ Group, setting up a compelling end-to-end digital transformation value proposition for clients.

With an ever-growing global demand for digital solutions, NCS’s growth in Australia has been transformational and has unlocked synergies across its international network.

Looking to the future

From NCS’s base in Melbourne, they are now able to service the whole of Australia in digital transformations that will make governments and companies more effective and secure. The relationships with local universities and the pipeline of world-class talent in Australia has set a course for dynamic growth in the APAC region for NCS.

NCS coming to Melbourne, Australia accelerates our growth in the Asia Pacific.

Andre Conti - Growth and Transformation Lead, NCS Australia

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