Site selection and approvals overview

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Investment facilitation is a key priority as a means of building on Victoria’s positive business environment and attracting new investment and re-investment opportunities.

The Facilitation Group has a lead role in facilitating and managing investment projects across all industry sectors, particularly those complex projects requiring extensive cross government coordination and negotiation.

The Facilitation Group helps achieve an efficient approach to doing business in Victoria by creating and maintaining networks both within Government and the private sector. Its specialist facilitation services are available to add value to any new investment and to support the work of existing companies. The services provided include:

Specialist advice on the development approvals process

We can help your team to understand the development approvals process in Victoria and provide specific advice on licence and permit requirements for your project.

Statutory approvals coordination

We provide coordination of the full range of State, Commonwealth and local government approvals, facilitating negotiations with the relevant government agencies. Assistance is provided with planning, development, environmental, health and safety approvals and other regulatory controls.

Site location services

We use our extensive networks to identify greenfield or existing site options based on your specific business requirements. Whether you are seeking to invest in metropolitan, regional or rural Victoria, site options will be tailored to your needs.

Identification of infrastructure and utility requirements

We provide information on the provision and cost of access to business infrastructure, including access to electricity, gas, water and transport. Where appropriate, specialist expertise can be sought to meet your requirements.

Continuing client support

We use our broad project management and industry development knowledge to provide a solution-based approach to your ongoing business needs.

Advocacy within Government

Within Government, we provide advice on issues affecting industry and specifically advocate for industrial land supply and land use provisions, which support industry growth.

Eligibility for facilitation

In considering the provision of facilitation services to companies, we will have regard to the significance of the proposed project in terms of its size, location, alignment with government policy, strategic importance, readiness to commence the site selection and development approvals process and the importance of the client relationship.

For further information on any of these services, please do not hesitate to contact the facilitation group at Invest Victoria.