Victoria's relationship with The Americas

The United States of America

The United States is a major driver of the global economy and a world leader in international trade and investment. Victoria has a long history of engagement with the United States, with Victorian Government Business Offices in San Francisco, New York, Chicago and Washington DC. These offices play a vital role in the facilitation of trade, investment and the establishment of people to people links and partnerships between the two regions.

The United States is Victoria's largest source of investment, as well as being the State's second largest two–way trading partner and fourth largest market for food products. The United States is a major market for Victorian aerospace and automotive products, meat, pharmaceuticals and is a major source of tourists. Underpinning this dynamic trade and investment relationship is Australia-United States Free Trade Agreement, enacted in 2005.

Victoria and the United States maintain extensive people to people links and institutional ties. Melbourne and Boston will celebrate the 30th anniversary of their sister-city relationship in 2015, a connection built on a commitment to excellence in healthcare and medicine, information and biotechnology, education, the arts and culture.

South America

South America is a large, dynamic region, and a growing area of opportunity for Victoria. Victoria's cultural ties and people to people links to South America are substantial, and help support an emerging commercial relationship.

Recognising the importance of the relationship, the Victorian Government has established a Victorian Government Business Office in South America. International education is a significant and growing opportunity for Victoria in South America. The Victorian Government currently has an Education Services Manager based in Bogota, Colombia.