Canopy Growth,the world’s largest medicinal cannabis company,  comes to Victoria

(CANADA 2018)

Canopy Growth Corporation will invest up to $16 million to establish an Asia-Pacific headquarters and R&D centre in Victoria.

It’s new cultivation and production facility will enable the production of high quality medicinal cannabis for domestic and international patients, creating hundreds of new jobs across the supply chain and positioning Victoria as the southern hemisphere’s export hub for medicinal cannabis.

Canopy Growth Corporation chose Melbourne as it was attracted by:

  • The Victorian Government’s Medical Cannabis Industry Development Strategy that sets out a plan to grow Victoria’s emerging medicinal cannabis industry
  • The opportunity to strengthen its research collaboration currently underway with Agriculture Victoria, helping to drive world class results in the cultivation and production of medicinal cannabis.

Canopy Growth Corporation’s investment was facilitated by the Invest Victoria team and our US in-market team by:

  • Arranging meeting with Invest Assist, Agri-Bio, the Office of Medicinal Cannabis, the Department of Health, Agriculture Policy, local councils and recruitment companies;
  • Facilitating numerous site visits in Victoria; and
  • Arranging discussions with utility companies.

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