Invest Victoria

Creating opportunity for your business

Invest Victoria is a world-class investment promotion agency (IPA) providing free confidential services and professional advice to international investors. We can connect you to our extensive network of contacts to create investment opportunities when you set up your business in Melbourne, Victoria.

Victoria (capital city, Melbourne) has one of the strongest economies and most enviable lifestyles in the developed world.

If you're considering setting up a business or headquarters in Australia or in the Asia Pacific, consider Melbourne for its competitive and dynamic business environment. Melbourne has Australia's most highly skilled and innovative workforce, world-class infrastructure and extensive government support services.

At Invest Victoria, we offer the potential investor a range of free professional services and support.

We offer:

1. Help with your with your market-entry business case. Our dedicated team will supply you with up-to the-minute information on market potential, existing companies, research and development capabilities, labour market skills and costs.

2. A warm welcome to our state. We'll also introduce you to our great industry contacts and local suppliers.

3. Expert advice to help you locate a great property (in strict confidence of course). Our experienced team can also help you work through the formal approvals you might need to get started. And they'll even visit potential sites with you and speak to estate agents on your behalf if you wish.

4. Support for you in your home market through Invest Victoria's extensive global office network.

5. Introductions to our best contacts all levels of government. We may also be able to arrange financial assistance to attract your strategic footloose investment to our state.

6. A large team of experienced local and overseas officers ready to give you the practical support you need to make sure your new project keeps its momentum.

Contact an Invest Victoria office near you, or phone us on +61 3 9651 8100. We're ready to you help make your project an outstanding success in Australia's most talented and liveable city.