Invest Victoria

Who we are

Making investment success possible

Invest Victoria is the State Government of Victoria's investment attraction agency, fostering long term economic prosperity by enabling business opportunities and job creation for Victoria.

Invest Victoria has recently transferred to the Department of Treasury and Finance (DTF) for the State Government of Victoria, reporting to the Minister for Economic Development and is responsible for:

  • Leading new entrant Foreign Direct Investment and investment opportunities of state significance
  • Enhancing the business investment environment
  • Developing and providing whole-of-government levers (such as facilitation services)
  • Strengthening the governance of investment attraction activities and providing central coordination for the State’s investment pipeline, including leading a whole-of-government investment committee

We believe

We take an all-inclusive view of our client’s investment objectives, working directly and proactively with them to bridge the gap between investor and  the Victorian market.

Invest Victoria understands first-hand how doing business within the Australian market can differ vastly from doing business in an investor’s homeland – or indeed other parts of the world.

There is uncertainty and risk, and it can be overwhelming trying to navigate Australia’s complex changing industries and intricate regulatory system.

Our insight is key in enabling our clients to make faster and smarter decisions to enhance investor success. We also work hard to ensure the Victorian business environment is conducive to the types of investment that our state needs.

With deep connections into government and industry, and backed by a dynamic and marketsavvy investment team, Invest Victoria is well equipped to provide our clients with the know-how to make the most of local opportunities – linking them in with the right people and fast tracking their establishment into the market.

What we offer

At Invest Victoria, we offer potential investors a range of free professional services and support, including:

  1. Help with your with your market-entry business case. Our dedicated team will supply you with up-to the-minute information on market potential, existing companies, research and development capabilities, labour market skills and costs.
  2. A warm welcome to our state. We'll also introduce you to our great industry contacts and local suppliers.
  3. Expert advice to help you locate a great property (in strict confidence of course). Our experienced team can also help you work through the formal approvals you might need to get started. And they'll even visit potential sites with you and speak to estate agents on your behalf if you wish.
  4. Support for you in your home market through Invest Victoria's extensive global office network.
  5. Introductions to our best contacts all levels of government. We may also be able to arrange financial assistance to attract your strategic footloose investment to our state.
  6. A large team of experienced local and overseas officers ready to give you the practical support you need to make sure your new project keeps its momentum.

Contact an Invest Victoria office near you, or phone us on +61 3 9651 8100. We're ready to you help make your project an outstanding success in Australia's most talented and liveable city.