Major and emerging tech organisations are joining Victoria’s rapidly growing cybersecurity sector. Find out why, and explore the reasons you should join them.

Victoria is Australia’s leading cybersecurity hub, with a thriving tech base that is developing global security solutions. It is also opening major foreign investment opportunities to locally develop and deliver world-class security for Australian businesses and defence.

Home to over 150 national and multinational cybersecurity organisations, Victoria’s thriving technology sector has produced some of Australia’s most successful cyber providers with a skilled cybersecurity workforce of nearly 9,0001 providing a driving force in its ongoing success.

Join international tech leaders who have successfully based operations within Melbourne’s globally recognised tech sector to develop cybersecurity solutions, including Google, KnowB4, Leidos, Wipro and Darktrace.

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1. AustCyber - Australia’s Cybersecurity Sector Competitiveness Plan 2020

Investment opportunities unlocked by Australian Government’s 10 year cybersecurity strategy

In 2020 the Australian Government launched a 10 year A$1.67 billion strategy for improving online security for Australians, businesses and essential services. Victoria’s cybersecurity hub is leading the way in developments that will help save the national economy up to A$29 billion per year.Click below to find out about opportunities that include:

Why invest in Melbourne for cybersecurity development?

Melbourne’s cybersecurity hub is positioned for significant growth

Victoria’s strong cybersecurity sector is a global competitor that exports nearly half of its services3, while driving future expansion across national infrastructure and developing markets.

Victoria is home to:

  • 150 cybersecurity organisations powering a national cybersecurity industry that ranks 2nd in the world for cybersecurity policy development and has the 2nd highest level of cyber maturity in the Indo-Pacific region4
  • a large and digitally dependent financial services sector, including two of Australia's largest and most globally connected banks and leading superannuation funds, that accounts for 11 per cent of Victoria's economy in a national sector worth 50 per cent of the national cybersecurity market
  • six of Australia’s 10 largest companies, including Telstra, BHP Billiton, Australian Super, and Rio Tinto, are positioned to drive significant investment in the development of secure and reliable systems.
  • a large and digitally dependent IT services industry of almost 20,000 businesses, including international firms such as IBM, Microsoft, Intel, HP, Motorola, NEC, Ericsson, EMC, Cisco, Thales, Fujitsu, Hitachi and Bosch

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Access a deep skill base in cybersecurity engineering and solutions architecture

  • Victoria’s tech talent pool is driving collaborative and innovative responses to national security, with more software development and cloud computing professionals than anywhere else in the APAC region5
  • Victoria has a faster growing pool of skilled professionals in cybersecurity engineering than both Singapore and Sydney, and is under less hiring demand5
  • The number of solutions architects in Victoria outstrips both Singapore and Hong Kong, and is increasing faster than elsewhere in Australia5
  • There are more software engineers in Victoria compared to NSW and Hong Kong5
  • Courses are provided by 21 institutions, with Victoria’s major universities and TAFE providers, partnering with industry to offer 239 cybersecurity and related courses ranging from certificate level through to doctorate6

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Ability to develop dynamic research and business partnership models

  • Develop innovations and partnerships within a centralised and globally-connected cybersecurity cluster that includes the Cyber Security Growth Centre, Joint Cyber Security Centre, Data61, Defence Science and Technology Group and the Oceana Cyber Security Centre
  • Connect with eight world-leading universities to advance research and development in the areas of network security, AI, verification, organisational security, privacy and cryptography

The Victorian Government pledges strong backing to $1.67 billion cybersecurity strategy

Australia’s Chief Scientist has identified cybersecurity as one of the nation’s nine Science and Research Priorities. In 2020, the Australian Government launched its 10 year $1.67 billion strategy for improving online security for Australians, their businesses and essential services.

The Victorian government has:

  • funded the Innovation Hub in Melbourne’s Docklands CBD to bring together businesses, research organisations and industry associations.
  • established a new digital hub in Cremorne that will be a world class facility to upskill Victoria's tech workforce, foster entrepreneurial startups and drive partnerships.
  • developed a workforce plan to attract, develop and retain specialist cybersecurity skills and establish Melbourne as the leading development hub in the Asia-Pacific, a high potential region with substantial global share in digital spending.
  • launched a matched grant applications for small and medium sized business to adopt or develop innovative tech.
  • pledged A$196 million to centralise and strengthen the state's IT services, with a focus on cyber safety.

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Investment opportunities in cybersecurity

Investment opportunities in cybersecurity

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