Demonstrating the Victorian Government’s long-term commitment to innovation through high level, forward-thinking investors, it has announced a $37 million investment in World View and its groundbreaking technology aimed at revolutionising stratospheric balloon remote sensing services.

Graphic: World View's groundbreaking technology aimed at revolutionising stratospheric balloon remote sensing services

This strategic investment made through Breakthrough Victoria will enable World View to establish an Indo-Pacific headquarters in Melbourne, including an advanced manufacturing facility, leveraging local, world-class talent in engineering, data science and material science.

“Australia, especially Victoria, offers unprecedented access to incredibly skilled global talent, cutting-edge technology, promising partnerships, smart capital, and significant geographic leverage to support our Indo-Pacific remote sensing and future space tourism operations. We are eager to get to work in Victoria.” Ryan M. Hartman, World View CEO.

World View is at the forefront of manufacturing, launching and controlling stratospheric balloons that provide on-demand, high-resolution sensing, weather monitoring and communication services.

Future plans for World View include expanding into space tourism via the stratosphere, building and operating launch locations across the globe, including Spaceport Great Barrier Reef in Queensland.

With World View’s patented dual-balloon system, the company offers unparalleled capabilities, boasting a market leading size and weight, augmenting existing alternatives such as satellites and unmanned aerial vehicles.

World View’s expansion will establish Victoria as a hub for stratospheric remote sensing research, with investments in research and development across Australian universities and research centres.

The establishment of their head office at Melbourne Connect in Parkville places World View at one of the epicentres of research in Victoria and will foster collaboration and innovation, positioning Victoria as a leader in aerospace technology.

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