Business case development

If you are considering investing in Melbourne, we can help you scope the market opportunity in Melbourne and assist you with your business case development. Working with us will allow you to be fully informed, and limit the number of surprises associated with your new investment. Our staff are experienced and well connected.

Our service is free of charge and will save you time and money.

Working with us is a proven and efficient way of entering the Victorian market.

We can provide information on:

  • market potential, including size and growth
  • existing companies and industry clusters
  • competitive landscape for your industry
  • research and development capabilities
  • business environment and expected changes to this environment
  • financial and legal requirements
  • labour market skills and availability
  • comparative operational costs, including land, building and utilities.

We look forward to working with you.

For more information and assistance, contact your local Victorian Government Trade and Investment Office representative.