Proven track record

Melbourne has a rich legacy of commercial success. The city has a high concentration of investment and strong government support.

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Top companies call Melbourne home

World leading companies are headquartered in Victoria.

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Sizeable market

The Victorian economy is larger than most of South East Asia. We’re a thriving market driven by an affluent society with a strong demand for goods and services.

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Strong economy

Victoria competes with the largest economies in South East Asia. While Victoria represents only 3% of Australia’s total land mass, we account for close to a quarter of Australia’s economic activity (22% of national GDP).

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Great people

Ideas and knowledge drive innovation in the 21st century. Victoria is the most highly educated state in Australia.

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World-class infrastructure

Through a complex matrix of road and rail, people and goods are transported in, out and around the country.

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Access Asia Pacific

Melbourne is uniquely placed to service Asia Pacific, the world’s fastest growing economic region.

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Low risk, transparent and international

Melbourne is one of the safest, most transparent locations in the world to conduct business.

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The world’s most liveable city

Melbourne is a truly magnificent city in which to live and work.

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A great place to live

Not just a great place to do business—a great place to play.

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Case studies

Videos: Why business leaders choose Melbourne

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