Re-imagine your future video transcript

Remember when we used to imagine the future as a magical place?

Flying cars, talking holograms. Infinite energy resources.

Paying for things with the blink of an eye.

But when you really think about it, when was the last time you watched a film set in the future and it was full of hope and wonder?

Major changes around the world, are forcing us to think differently.

And new technologies are changing industry more rapidly than before.

What if there’s a place where that dream of a bright future is already happening?

A place where mobility is transforming, where the world’s energy industry is being redefined.

Where you can buy and sell whatever you want.

With a magic wave of your hand.

Where partnerships are creating history.

Where the government is making innovation easy.

And your more connected than ever before.

Where life is lived to the fullest.

Dream bigger, go faster and be better.

Build your business in Australia’s fastest growing market.

Come, we’ll show you the way.

Re-imagine your future here, Melbourne, Australia