Victoria will invest in a renewable hydrogen industry to advance the development of the potentially game-changing energy technology.

Key to this investment is Victoria’s Renewable Hydrogen Industry Development Plan, which outlines a strategy to create sustainable economic opportunities.

The Plan sets out a blueprint for how the Victorian Government will lead and support a range of outcomes to drive the development of a renewable hydrogen sector.

It takes a principles-based approach to establishing a new renewable hydrogen sector and sets out activities currently underway, which are laying the foundations, connecting the economy and leading the development of this emerging technology sector.

The focus areas for government are set out in this Plan and map the pathway to establishing a thriving renewable hydrogen industry, that will:

  • create long-term jobs through new career pathways and skills clusters
  • enable the export of renewable energy
  • drive innovation
  • build Victoria’s skills and capacity in renewable hydrogen, and
  • reduce greenhouse gas emissions across our industrial, energy and transport sectors.

This Plan recognises the significant potential of hydrogen for Victoria and focuses on hydrogen production using renewable energy.

Vic Hydrogen Plan

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