Victoria has launched its Circular Economy Business Innovation Centre which will fast-track the State’s recycling revolution.

Victorian Circular Economy

The centre will work with a variety of businesses – from farms and cafes to factories and appliance shops – to streamline the way they operate, reduce waste, and improve efficiency.

It will undertake research and offer expert advice and resources through a virtual hub, facilitate collaboration and events, and offer grants and support for businesses.

It is part of Recycling Victoria – the Government’s action plan and investment of more than $300 million to transform the state’s recycling sector, create thousands of jobs and set Victoria up for a more sustainable future.

The first focus area of the centre will be reducing food and organic waste, which currently costs the Victorian economy over $6 billion each year.

The establishment the centre is a further boost to Victoria’s nation leading waste and resource recovery sector.

Victoria is aiming to grow resource recovery in the state, generating up to $5 billion in opportunities for infrastructure investment by 2044.

This equates to $120–167 million in annual investment opportunities in financing technology, infrastructure and expertise to significantly improve Victoria’s resource recovery.

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