British organisation, Joyful, celebrates a year in Melbourne.

With the help of Invest Victoria, Joyful established its first presence outside the UK. Joyful is a leading provider of charity and nonprofit websites, fundraising and marketing tools. Celebrating its one year anniversary, its Melbourne team of nine helps organisations create greater impact and raise more revenue in their communities.

Large and small not-for-profit organisations such as Meals on Wheels, RSPCA and Legacy South Australia are benefitting from the unique DNA of the Joyful team.

There are approximately 56,000 registered charities in Australia that contribute to a wide range of sectors including health, education, social and animal welfare, the environment and human rights. Many of them are established or run entirely by volunteers, on very limited budgets and by people who may not have the skills needed to harness current technologies.

With a very Melbourne-esque combination of digital and commercial savvy and empathy for those less advantaged, the team works from the ground up with their clients, running workshops, building digital platforms and training their client teams to run and get the most out of their new technology.

The results they have helped their clients achieve are impressive.  For example, they helped Breast Cancer Haven increase annual donations through their website by more than 10 times in the first 12 months.  They also assisted Bloomhill Cancer Centre increase online donations from $0 to $101,000 in the first four weeks of going live.

Joyful helps Australian not-for-profits improve impact and donations received.

We asked the team why Melbourne was chosen and if, a year down the track, Melbourne is still the best place for Joyful in Australia, they talked about the quality of the talent here.

Here there is a good supply of people with the technical skills we need. And what makes Melbourne so good for Joyful is the inherent ‘looking out for others’ that is a distinctive quality of people in Melbourne.

So congratulations Joyful on your first year in Melbourne.  We were excited to help you get established here and pleased to see you and your clients are still thriving!