Congratulations to Melbourne-based electric motor developer, Kite Magnetics, on a major partnership with Toulouse-based H3 Dynamics, announced at the Paris Airshow.  The partnership is to develop the most advanced Hydrogen-Electric Propulsion System for aviation.

H3 Dynamics and Kite Magnetics Join Forces to Build Most Advanced Hydrogen-Electric Propulsion System for Aviation

Kite Magnetics is backed by Breakthrough Victoria, a $2 billion investment fund set up by the Victorian Government to make Victoria a global innovation leader.

With the transition to a clean energy economy, innovative technology like the Kite Magnetics electric aircraft motor will help us reduce emissions in hard to abate sectors like aviation and create new market opportunities in regional aviation from cheaper operating costs. The Victorian Government is committed to supporting innovative industrial opportunities in the development of zero-emission aviation technology that will assist Victoria in meeting its climate change target of net-zero emissions by 2045.

Here are more detail about the partnership.....

Toulouse-based H3 Dynamics and Melbourne-based Kite Magnetics have joined forces to revolutionizse the aviation industry with their cutting-edge hydrogen-electric propulsion system. The collaboration aims to support aircraft manufacturers in adopting new technologies and accelerating the development of advanced aero-compliant systems.

Earlier this year, Kite Magnetics unveiled its air-cooled 120kW electric motor. Based on a unique new magnetic material called Aeroperm™. This state-of-the-art motor exhibits world-class performance, exceptional lightweight characteristics, and surpasses the efficiency of conventional technologies.

Drawing on its 15 years expertise in hydrogen electric flight endurance research, H3 Dynamics has been developing a distributed nacelle-based hydrogen-electric power system at its Toulouse location. This innovative solution, integrated with a network of pods including hydrogen storage, ensures long-endurance power during flight while enhancing system safety, aircraft control, and facilitating maintenance and repair operations.

In the upcoming months, H3 Dynamics and Kite Magnetics plan to assemble a full scale system and conduct dedicated aeronautics tests in collaboration with aircraft manufacturers. These efforts will pave the way for obtaining flight permissions and enable the commercialisation of their groundbreaking technology.

The propulsor nacelles and derived products developed through this collaboration have diverse applications, ranging from small sensing drones to unmanned heavy cargo platforms, airships, business jets, general aviation airplanes, and future commercial aircraft.

"By bringing together our two world leading technologies we are enabling emissions free aircraft to not only fly further but to also carry more" says Dr Richard Parsons, Founder and CEO of Kite Magnetics.

Echoing this sentiment, "We firmly believe that fostering the right environment and alliances will empower the aeronautics industry to expedite its transformation with the most optimized and mature solutions. This is a global endeavor, and our strength lies in unity”.

About Kite Magnetics
Kite Magnetics is a venture-backed aerospace manufacturing company based in Melbourne, Australia that is enabling electric aircraft to fly up to 15% further by producing the next generation of smaller, lighter and more efficient electric motors. Their motors use a new nanocrystalline magnetic materials technology called Aeroperm™ that was co-developed at Monash University by founder and CEO Dr Richard Parsons. They closed their seed round with Investible, Possible Ventures and Breakthrough Victoria, the Victorian State Government's new 2 Billion dollar investment fund in September last year and have since grown to 9 full-time engineers. They are now developing their first product, a 120 kW electric propulsion solution for 4-seat electric aircraft, which will be ready for delivery to their ever-growing list of flight test partners later this year. Kite's long-term vision is to become a global aerospace OEM powering your 2030 zero-emissions flight into the sky.

About H3 Dynamics 
H3 Dynamics aims to decarbonize aviation through hydrogen-electric solutions, and in the process of developing a first 150kW hydrogen-electric propulsion nacelle with the support of Region Occitanie in France. Since 2006, the company pioneered ultra-light hydrogen fuel cells for experimental unmanned aircraft, setting early records for electric-powered flights. Expanding in 2015, H3 Dynamics established a strong presence in Singapore with industrial AI solutions and drone automation. Meanwhile hydrogen solutions for unmanned systems continued to evolve out of its US-based set up in Austin, Texas. The company began solution scale-up and formed a hydrogen aviation team in Toulouse in 2019, with ongoing activities to set up also in Hamburg, Germany. Today, H3 Dynamics collaborates closely with unmanned and manned aviation sector OEMs, enabling a hydrogen transition across various operational use cases. H3 Dynamics is a member of the Alliance for Zero Emission Aviation under the European Commission, Lufthansa Cleantech Hub, the Paris Advanced Air Mobility Alliance, and Aerospace Valley in Toulouse.

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