Site identification

We offer a confidential free-of-charge site identification service

For overseas, interstate and local companies considering establishing or growing their business in Victoria, we can help you find properties for industrial, commercial or retail operations.

Based on your business requirements and using our extensive networks, we identify greenfield or existing site options in metropolitan or provincial Victoria.

Contact us for free site identification.

Our site identification process

  1. We work with you to determine your site requirements 

    Areas we explore include:

    • the type of premises required (eg. existing office/ warehouse, greenfield site upon which a factory can be built, etc);
    • the company’s intended operations (eg. food manufacturing, financial services, etc);
    • the size of the site/ building required (in metres squared or hectares);
    • preferred locations (eg. metropolitan vs. provincial Victoria, particular suburbs, etc);
    • the required tenure (eg. lease vs. purchase);
    • proximity to infrastructure (eg. road networks, rail, ports, etc);
    • other pertinent information
  2. We undertake a property search and assessment process
    • This process is undertaken in confidence and the identity of the company is not revealed to a third party unless we have the express consent of the company to do so.
    • We liaise with our property industry contacts (including real estate agents, property developers and local councils) in an effort to locate suitable sites.
    • We assess each proposed site against your criteria provided, ensuring the site is located within an appropriate Planning Scheme zone. We also take into consideration any separation distances or buffers that are required.
    • Unsuitable sites are omitted from the final Site Options Report.
  3. We deliver a Site Options Report

    Information on suitable sites is compiled into a Site Options Report that contains the following information:

    • an introduction, outlining the company’s requirements;
    • information on each proposed Site, including a description of the property and its location, size and estimated price or lease cost, a Melway or VicRoads map reference, the related planning scheme zone, and the contact details for the relevant real estate agent/ developer;
    • a map of the site;
    • a planning scheme map of the site, including the related ordinances (particularly for greenfield sites); and
    • any plans, photographs or other information.

    If you are interested in any of the sites provided in the Site Options Report, you may contact the nominated person directly using the details provided. If you prefer to remain anonymous, we can contact the agent/ property developer on its behalf.

    We do not engage in any negotiations over the lease or purchase of the site. All commercial negotiations remain the responsibility of the company and the property’s agent.

    Should you require assistance with commercial negotiations and advice on commercial terms, we can provide contact details for a variety of independent property advisors.  Often referred to as tenant representation, these consultants represent the interests of their clients on a fee for service basis.