Download setting up a business in Victoria guide

Victoria is the friendliest and most accessible state in Australia for entrepreneurs and senior executives from around the world. We pride ourselves on our strong economic development, highly skilled talent pool and international market connectivity. Our international partners are drawn to Victoria's sizeable market, low risk business environment and transparent economy. You will find our state and our capital city Melbourne, a thriving location with ample business opportunities to expand your footprint in Australia.

We have created a guide to provide an overview of the key areas you need to consider in setting up your business in Victoria, to familiarise yourself with the business investment environment in Melbourne.

The document covers:

  • About Invest Victoria
  • Melbourne, Victoria
  • Business Structures
  • Business licences and registrations
  • Business registration services
  • Tax requirements
  • Business premise
  • Employment types and responsibilities
  • Visas
  • Business setup costs
  • Government support
  • Invest Victoria Advisory Network
Setting up a business in Victoria

Setting up a business in Victoria