The Victorian Government is providing certainty for investors and Victoria’s growing renewable energy industry by accelerating planning approvals for renewable energy projects to ensure they are built faster.

Photo of: Wind farms at sunset in rural Victoria, Australia

The Victorian Premier recently announced renewable energy projects will be eligible for an accelerated planning pathway under the Development Facilitation Program (DFP) – treating these projects the same as other significant works like the Big Housing Build.

Right now, there is currently around $90 billion worth of investment value in renewable projects in the pipeline. It is expected these renewable projects would create a massive 15,000 jobs for our state.

Under the change, all new renewable projects in Victoria will be treated as significant economic development, making them eligible for an accelerated pathway – removing the planning panel process and third-party appeals at VCAT. Renewable projects currently static in approvals will also be able to access this accelerated pathway.

The change means that from the time a complete application is lodged for one of these new state significant projects, decisions can be made within four months.

The voices of communities who want to raise concerns with a proposal will continue to be protected. Third party objections will still have a place in the approvals process, but this change prevents time-consuming and repeated delays that hold these projects back.

Through the accelerated pathway, a dedicated facilitation team will oversee all renewable energy applications. Projects will also be monitored on an ongoing basis to identify blockers earlier and resolve them faster.

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