Global AI leader Dataminr is the latest tech giant to invest in Melbourne, announcing plans to establish its Asia Pacific HQ and Operations Centre in Australia’s leading tech city.

The investment by the New York-based company, which was ranked 5th on Forbes’ 50 Most Promising AI Companies List, will create more than 50 new jobs and will further boost Victoria’s capabilities in the growing field of artificial intelligence.

Dataminr uses data science methods, such as deep learning, natural language processing and advanced statistical modelling, to identify high-impact events and emerging risks based on information from publicly available digital data.

Commenting on the investment, Managing Director for ANZ at Dataminr, said that

We are proud to be working with Invest Victoria to support our market entry - it was a purposeful and well planned move. For us, Melbourne is a natural home for our business with the growth of the State’s tech sector a key focus and a strong pool of talent to choose from. Further confirmation was seeing Melbourne ranked 11th in the recent 2ThinkNow Most Innovative Cities.

Rod Moynihan
Managing Director for ANZ, Dataminr

Dataminr will also draw on Victoria’s world-renowned tertiary sector, with plans to collaborate with local universities on future opportunities.

The company’s clients include U.S. government agencies that manage emergency services in the State of California and New York City, as well as private sector organisations such as airlines, major media outlets, and financial institutions that rely on a 24/7 service.

Dataminr also partners with the United Nations (UN), equipping thousands of UN personnel around the world with the company’s platform for first response to help find information on unanticipated events and emerging risks as they unfold.

It is the latest company to invest in Victoria’s thriving tech and ICT sector, which employs more than 137,900 people across more than 19,300 businesses, generating $36.6 billion in annual revenue.

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