A new dedicated organisation charged with building Victoria’s mRNA manufacturing capability has been established, putting the State at the forefront of developing life-saving vaccines and therapeutic treatments for all Australians.


The new entity, mRNA Victoria, will lead the development of mRNA industry capability and manufacturing in the state and deliver on Victorian Government’s $50 million commitment to establish mRNA vaccine and therapeutic manufacturing in Melbourne.

It will leverage the State’s significant scientific expertise and partner with universities, research institutes and industry across the globe to accelerate onshore mRNA manufacturing.

The new organisation will be led by former Commissioner to the Americas for the Government of Victoria Michael Kapel, who has been appointed the inaugural CEO and will oversee the establishment of commercial-scale mRNA manufacturing capability in Victoria within the next 12 months.

Mr Kapel will be supported by a science advisory group of industry and technical experts, convened by Victoria’s Chief Scientist Amanda Caples. The group will provide advice to the Government on crucial steps to support the project.

mRNA has not only created a new frontier for vaccine development, but become a promising new weapon in the fight against cancer and other diseases.

Developing mRNA capability in Victoria will provide vaccine security, support local manufacturing and create a more robust defence against future pandemics.

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