Pactera – attracted by lifestyle, location and depth of ICT talent

(CHINA 2020)

Pactera is a major China-based global ICT service vendor, providing consulting and technology services globally in 10 countries. Pactera has developed advanced technologies and process improvements for industries such as financial services, energy, life sciences, manufacturing, and retail. Pactera set up in Melbourne in 2010 with support from Invest Victoria and have since expanded to Sydney.

Business case development -  "Melbourne has lots of unique attributes"

Melbourne has lots of unique attributes that attracted us to come here. Strategically, it links us to Asia, Europe and North America. The timezone is very close to Asian countries - which is very convenient for our work. It's a bridge to link the Asian and North American market. This is a market that embraces new technology to improve productivity. It is a place that has a lot of potential and a lot of demand for ICT companies like ours.

Dr. Victor Li - Senior VP for South Asia, Pactera

Invest Victoria provided Pactera with information during Pactera's early studies. They also presented Melbourne's business advantages and the fact that Melbourne is an ICT-friendly environment to set up in. Melbourne eventually proved irresistible for Pactera, with its lifestyle, location, and tremendous depth of ICT talent.

Setting up: Sound relocation advice and guidance

As part of their complete service for all new investors, Invest Victoria explained how our local laws for businesses work, for example, how government tendering works in Victoria.

Before we came to Australia, we had formal and informal contact with the Victorian Government. They helped us gain some basic knowledge of Australian taxation, rules and regulations and the labour market. Because of our understanding, it made it easier to set up here. The Victorian  Government gave great assistance and made setting up easier and smoother.

Dr. Victor Li - Senior VP for South Asia, Pactera

Providing Pactera with networking opportunities

Invest Victoria introduced Pactera to some potential business contacts and networks.

The most important thing I believe is that the government gave us a foundation to help us interact with the business community here. By interacting with other companies, we get new ideas. It helps us develop.

Dr Victor Li - Senior VP for South Asia, Pactera

For investors new to Melbourne we offer a wealth of experience. We want to help them build their confidence quickly. Introducing new investors to a good business network is something we see as a basic part of our service, because we know how important good connections are for business.

I would definitely recommend other companies to set up in Melbourne. There are many reasons. It is a very good and fair competitive environment. People here are very conscious of intellectual property, and when you invest, you will get your return. Also, Melbourne is one of the fastest growing cities in Australia. Great potential for business opportunity. I would strongly recommend other companies to come to Melbourne to develop. Dealing with the Victorian government was a pleasant experience.

Dr Victor Li - Senior VP for South Asia, Pactera

Business growth built on talented, eager staff

As Victoria has more ICT students than any other state, and a third of the country's entire ICT workforce, we knew Pactera would have a deep pool of talent to draw from. Quality talent is a 'must have' for a company with plans to grow and compete with other major ICT vendors.

There are some world-class universities in Melbourne with a very high education standard, and we have employed many local post-graduate students. They are very smart, dedicated and eager to learn. We are very happy with these graduates, because after working with us for two to three years, they helped us develop our company very fast.

Dr Victor Li - Senior VP for South Asia, Pactera

"The longer you stay in Melbourne, the more you will love it."

I am proud to tell you that Chinese restaurants in Melbourne are absolutely world class. Not only can you have a local version of Chinese cuisine you can also have authentic food from China. Melbourne is clean, beautiful and comfortable to live in. The people are friendly. And lastly the competition is very fair. A great environment for you to come and develop your company. The longer you stay in Melbourne, the more you will love it.

Dr Victor Li - Senior VP for South Asia, Pactera

Thinking of expanding? Contact Invest Victoria

If you are an ICT firm thinking about a move to the Asia Pacific or Australia, do not hesitate to get in contact with us at Invest Victoria. As Victor Li said, there are many reasons why he would recommend Melbourne.

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