German consulting firm, TNG Technology Consulting (TNG) has established its Australian base in Melbourne.

TNG Technology Consulting

Founded in Germany in 2001, the company currently employs 600 full-time employees in six countries. In 2021, the company generated about €73 million in revenue.

Operating on a “follow the sun” model, one of the main reasons TNG chose Melbourne is to offer its clients 24-hour software development and DevOps services.

With growth on their mind, the company sees opportunities to expand in the ANZ market from Melbourne and to replicate the company’s success in Germany.

Invest Victoria worked closely with TNG throughout the company’s investment journey, by providing connections to appropriate contacts at all levels of government and potential partners.

TNG provides know-how and support in Software Development, DevOps & Cloud as well as Artificial Intelligence for several large national and multinational corporations in a diverse range of industries including telecommunication, e-commerce, insurance, automotive, finance, consumer goods and many more.

Michael Fickinger, Managing Director, TNG Technology Consulting ANZ said, “We are very excited to be part of solving Australia’s hard IT problems, from innovation projects and rescue missions to highly customized software systems.”

With a recruitment philosophy of only hiring the best talent, Henrik Klagges, Managing Director, TNG Technology Consulting ANZ, and Co-founder, TNG Technology Consulting GmbH, Germany said, “As the science and engineering cultures of the world all value an open exchange of ideas, teamwork and cooperativeness, which is also what we value in our employees, we are very excited to look for interesting Melburnians to join us.”

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