Cocodrilo Dog picks Melbourne for its Australian HQ

Colombian leading video game development studio Cocodrilo Dog, has picked Melbourne for its Australian HQ, further strengthening the State’s thriving digital gaming industry.

Founded in 2011, Cocodrilo Dog is an award-winning agency that creates video games related to music, especially rhythm games, and is renowned globally for signature projects such as Audio Ninja - Apple Store’s Best of 2013 runner-up, Moana: Rhythm Run - the official video game of Disney’s film Moana, and the hugely popular and award-winning Beat Boy.

Cocodrilo Dogs' entry into Victorian digital gaming is seen as a boost for the local industry, adding another world-class studio to the more than 130 games studios already found in Victoria, where they will bring additional expertise in areas such as animation, music development, data analysis, publishing, marketing and PR.

The company expects to benefit from Victoria's digital gaming industry through drawing on local, highly-skilled talent, while creating employment in development, engineering, graphic design and sales.

With Melbourne located in one of the biggest industry markets globally, and very close to the worlds biggest markets of Asia, this proximity makes Melbourne, Australia's digital games capital a very attractive long-term investment decision.

We has a chat to 'X', Cocodrilo Dogs 'X', about the company’s investment in Victoria.

Video Transcript

Juan Pablo Reyes, Cofounder

Hi, my name is Juan Reyes and I am co-founder of Cocodrilo Dog Games.  We are a game developer company that creates video games that are related to music, especially rhythm games.

We wanted to move the company to Melbourne because we believe Melbourne is such a great place to be when you create anything related to arts.

Melbourne is the capital city of Australia and video games because of the culture of the city.

What I’ve seen so far is that people are very interested when it comes to artistic and technological innovation and video games are at the same time technology and arts. It’s a great place to be when you’re creating this kind of content.

I think there are many good reasons for a video game developer company to invest in Melbourne.

You will get the possibility to hire a lot of very skilled talent. They are also located in one of the biggest markets of the industry, in the world. Not only that, but you’re very close to Asia which has China, Japan and Korea, which are the biggest markets in the world.

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