Expanded Bio21 Institute to house CSL Global Hub for Research and Translational Medicine


The University of Melbourne has invested  A$46 million on a 5000 square meter new building, expanding its Bio21 Institute.

The University of Melbourne’s Bio21 is an internationally recognised Molecular Science and Biotechnology Institute.  It is also a leading example of a successful academia-industry partnership.  Australia’s largest multinational biopharmaceutical company, CSL, has been co-located at Bio21 since 2007.

“This is an important industry-university partnership that will enable greater knowledge and technology transfer, drive innovation and ensure Australian research is translated into positive health outcomes around the world”  

Honourable John Brumby AO

A new state of the art facility, opened in 2018, will allow for the expansion of major technology platforms that underpin personalised medicine and the development of new diagnostics.

It will be home to the University of Melbourne’s Margaret Sheil Mass Spectrometry laboratories and CSL’s Global Hub for Research and Translational Medicine.  Over time CSL expects to more than double its research scientists located at the site from 75 to 150.

The co-location of a large multi-national company with the university is a fundamental aspect to the facility’s success and will generate an environment in which other start-ups and small businesses can thrive.

Duncan Maskell - Vice Chancellor, University of Melbourne

Our investment in an expanded research presence is informed by our commitment to deliver on our promise to patients.  We know from experience that the cross-cultivation of ideas from academia to industry helps translate science into life saving medicines that improve the quality of life for people with rare and serious diseases.

Paul Perreault - CEO and Managing Director, CSL

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