Government advocacy

The Victorian Government's Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions plays a key role in advocating for industry.

Through its Victorian Government Business Offices and its Business Engagement Model, the Victorian Government engages with all foreign companies who choose to set up operations in Victoria. Through this model the Victorian Government interacts with approximately 12,000 businesses in Victoria each  year seeking feedback and insights on doing business in Melbourne.

Once set up in Victoria, a dedicated business development manager will meet with you regularly to discuss your infrastructure, regulatory and workforce management issues, focusing on:

  • Infrastructure (availability and costs of roads, rail, ports, airports, public transport, telecommunications, gas, water, and electricity services)
  • Regulation
  • Workforce (training needs, skills requirements).

Should issues arise they will work one on one with you to help resolve the problems. Where systemic issues are identified, they work across government to advocate for changes that will improve the environment for all Victorian businesses.

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