Zendesk in Melbourne

(USA 2020)

Zendesk is a global provider of cloud-based customer service software. Based in San Francisco, Zendesk was founded in 2007 and now has over 2,000 global employees and serves 125,000 customers in 160 countries and territories.

At the opening of their offices in the heart of Melbourne's CBD in November 2015 Zendesk CEO, Mikkel Svane said,

The Melbourne office has been an enormous part of our product development, growth and success as a global company, and the world-class talent in this city will continue to play a vital role in the future of Zendesk.

Australia's MD and VP of Engineering says Melbourne's liveability is a big part of why Melbourne is such an ideal place to invest and do business.

It's not just the talent pool, culture, and attitude; it's the diversity as well. There are lots of people from different walks of life, and a better work-life balance. There is an awareness amongst companies like Zendesk that what you really want is sustainable activity; you want sustainable innovation. That means you've got to pay attention to good work-life balance: It's about working and living in a way that encourages the right sort of culture and the right sort of values within the company.

Brett Adam - Australian MD and VP of Engineering, Zendesk

Melbourne's talent and liveability are also reasons for Square and Eventbrite establishing bases.

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