Major rail projects

The Victorian Government has committed to delivering a new underground, high-capacity rail line servicing Melbourne's central business district and adjacent education, health and research precincts. The new Melbourne Metro Rail line includes a nine-kilometre twin rail tunnel from Melbourne's south,  under the city centre, through to the university and health precinct in the city's north.

It will include five new and expanded underground stations. Construction of Melbourne Metro Rail will allow an additional 19 train services to operate across the network during the peak, which is the equivalent of 20,000 extra passengers. The project is currently in the planning and pre-construction  phase, with major construction scheduled to commence later this decade.

There will be significant opportunities for private sector involvement in the project, including in delivery, financing and urban precinct development.

Video: Melbourne Metro Rail

Railway level crossings removal

The Victorian Government has committed to removing 50 of Melbourne's level crossings over the next eight years. There are currently 180 level crossings in Melbourne, almost all of which are controlled by boom gates.

Level crossings are a major cause of road congestion and are also a barrier to running more train services across the city's network. Their removal will enable freight to be moved more quickly and efficiently across the city to ports and markets.In many cases, the most effective way to remove the traffic  bottle neck at a level crossing is to redirect the rail line underground. This approach is often the best way to maintain an appropriate level of amenity for surrounding residents and businesses.

Other infrastructure projects

In addition to the Metro Tunnel, there are a number of other projects that represent important opportunities for suppliers to infrastructure: West Gate Tunnel Project and Melbourne Metro Tunnel, and there is more in this video.