Software development

A collaborative, sophisticated business environment

Melbourne software development firms form a mature, well-connected and highly talented, innovative ecosystem. They collaborate in supportive start-up business environments and seek opportunities in sector clusters such as Open Source Victoria, eLearning, Spatial Victoria, and the Game Developers Association of Australia (GDAA).


In 2016 Slack opened their office in Melbourne. They said, ‘We like Melbourne for lots of reasons…We especially like it because it’s a place that brings together people of all nationalities and creeds’ and ‘we’d be remiss if we didn’t thank the friends and partners who’ve helped us set up shop down under. We had many many questions, all of which were warmly and readily answered by Victorian Minister for Investment and Trade Philip Dalidakis and the team and Invest Victoria.


A recent arrival is the successful US-based disruptive technology company Eventbrite. It chose Melbourne for its tech savvy culture, generous government support, and because the city is an easy place to build networks and find quality talent.


Another recent arrival is Pactera, a major Chinese-based global ICT service firm, partly attracted by the level playing field for business and the country's tough intellectual property laws, ranked as among the most comprehensive in the world.

A vibrant market and cluster presence

  • Melbourne's software industry is a part of a well-connected technology ecosystem; it successfully fosters collaboration to achieve innovation excellence.
  • Victoria has technology clusters including eLearning, electronic  games, and spatial and intelligent transport systems.
  • Melbourne is a premier location in the Asia-Pacific for high-level technology related R&D spend, and this spend is still growing.1

NICTA (National Information and Communication Australia) and Swinburne established a software R&D laboratory to deliver high-impact research to industry. The lab pairs NICTA's world-leading ICT research capabilities with Swinburne's agile, industry-focused software development expertise, creating new economic opportunities for industry. The lab will help industry participants achieve applied R&D outcomes that solve key problems with innovative mobile and software solutions.

1. Competitive Alternatives KPMG's Guide to International Business Location Costs, 2014 Edition.