International investors

Melbourne has recently welcomed:

  • Eventbrite chose Melbourne for its Asia Pacific headquarters (2014)
  • Equinix, a global interconnection and data centre company, established its first data centre in Victoria (2014)
  • Leading US ICT company, Tintri, established its Australian headquarters in Melbourne (2014)
  • Indian high technology company, Servion, chose Melbourne for its Australian headquarters (2014)
  • Infotech expanded its Melbourne delivery centre (2014)
  • US IT company, Asurion, established two new technical support centres in Victoria (2014)
  • Zendesk expanded its Asia Pacific Development Centre (2014)
  • Capgemini opened a new Melbourne Global Delivery Centre (2014)
  • Lockheed Martin established its Asia Pacific ICT engineering hub in Melbourne (2014)
  • SAP established a new Melbourne mission control facility (2013)
  • Pactera established a major Melbourne presence  (2013)
  • Luma Pictures established its Asia Pacific headquarters in Melbourne (2013)
  • Leading provider of data centre solution, Digital Realty, opened a new facility in Melbourne's west (2013).

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