Data analytics

Data Analytics is an example of how ICT is both fundamental to Victoria's entrepreneurial communities and to the success and growth of the economy. Victoria nurtures and seeks to attract new Data Analytics related investment to the state through a range of activities.The Victorian Government has a strong focus on data access and supporting industry clusters such as the Spatial Industries Business Association (SIBA). For example the Data.Vic Access policy is progressively delivering changes to the previously restrictive licensing arrangements around the release of data including versatile and highly valued spatial data.

For government, this is promoting better data management practices, and providing a better range of data for critical planning and decision-making tasks.  For private enterprise, it is opening up a whole new raft of new opportunities.

Today there are 3,400 government data sets and tools (including around 700 spatial datasets) freely available in re-usable formats from  The continuing release of data on the Data.Vic website is stimulating new business opportunities in Victoria, with the development of new technologies, new products and new services.

A great example is the release of the Public Transport Victoria (PTV) Timetable API, which has seen a Melbourne developer create an app for Google Glass that visually displays the details of nearby train, tram and bus services.

Some developers are combining data from multiple departments and organisations to create useful services such as the VicEmergency app, which helps Victorians to monitor fire incidents near them.

Data analytics and big data is opening opportunities in applications ranging from retail services to health and from infrastructure to environment. The impact of data analytics across Australian industry sectors is potentially worth billions of dollars.