Medtech and medical devices

Victoria's medical devices sector is backed by strong infrastructure, world-leading research institutes and a Government committed to supporting innovation. More than 1000 medtech companies are located in the State employing between 4,000 to 5,000 people. Companies include small startups, large Victorian exporters and global manufacturers.

Victoria's strengths

Victoria is an exciting medtech innovation and development hub. The Victorian Government strongly supports the sector through its Future Industries Medical Technologies and Pharmaceuticals Sector Strategy, one of eight priority sector strategies in the A$200 million Future Industries Fund.

Melbourne has world-leading medtech biotech capabilities

While the cochlear implant and the bionic eye are world-renowned achievements, Melbourne is home to many success stories:

  • Dorsavi has developed a unique FDA-cleared wearable sensor system that measures movement, posture and muscle activity. The system is being used by elite sporting teams worldwide including the NBA and NFL (ViPerform), medical and physiotherapy practices in Australia, the UK and the US (ViMove) and the operator of the London Underground rail network to reduce manual handling injury risk (ViSafe).
  • Innovative drug delivery devices are generated in Victoria with Medical Developments International developing and commercialising Penthrox, a device which allows the inhalation of safe, non-addictive pain relief for use in emergency situations.
  • MiniFAB has completed more than  900 projects with clients worldwide as the  leader in the development and manufacture of microfluidics and lab-on-chips solutions for point-of-care diagnostics, laboratory and in field applications.

Innovative product design

Victorian design and engineering companies are recognised globally for their excellence in translating ideas into cutting edge solutions. Invetech, Hydrix, Planet Innovation and Outerspace Design are Victorian design based companies with proven technical know-how and commercial experience.

Development and commercialisation

Victorian firms have recognisable experience in not only identifying breakthrough technologies, but also ensuring commercial outcomes are achieved.

  • Grey Innovation is a technology commercialisation firm which has transitioned from automotive and consumer electronics to medical technologies with products in vision, diabetes, heart failure and cognitive development.

Advanced and specialised manufacturing

Building on a long tradition in automotive, aerospace, defence and general manufacturing, Victoria is home to significant capabilities in advanced, additive manufacturing and bio-manufacturing.