Melbourne Metro Tunnel

The Victorian Government has committed to delivering a new underground, high-capacity rail line servicing Melbourne's city centre and adjacent education, health and research precincts.

The new Metro Tunnel includes a nine-kilometre twin rail tunnel from Melbourne's south, under the city centre, through to the university and health precinct in the city's north. It will include five new and expanded underground stations.

The Melbourne Metro Rail Project will increase the capacity, reliability and efficiency of Melbourne's busiest train lines.

Video: Metro Tunnel - New Station Concept Images

Construction of Melbourne Metro Rail will allow an additional 19 train services to operate across the network during the peak, which is the equivalent of 20,000 extra passengers. It will:

  • Significantly increase the capacity of the whole system, so more trains can run more often
  • Pave the way for the construction and extension of train lines in growth areas
  • Transform our system into an international-style metro, similar to those in London and Hong Kong

The project construction is underway, with major construction on the tunnel and stations expected to commence in early 2018.

This is the biggest transport infrastructure project in Australia. The Melbourne Metro Tunnel will be built and operational by 2026.

Map of the proposed Metro Tunnel Project alignment and five proposed underground stations

Melbourne Metro Tunnel route map


Construction work has begun this year, with the major construction delivered through this package to start in 2018, and the project set to create 3,700 Victorian jobs.

For further updates and progress on the transport infrastructure construction, please visit the Metro Tunnel website.

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