Fishermans Bend

Fishermans Bend will be Australia's new headquarters for design, engineering and technology. This project will drive private sector investment attracting industry leaders in aerospace, defence, education, marine design and automotive design.

Fishermans Bend is Australia's largest urban renewal project covering approximately 485 hectares in the heart of Melbourne, connecting the city centre to Port Phillip Bay.

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Australia's new home for design, engineering and technology is coming to life in Victoria.

University of Melbourne School of Engineering

What was General Motors Holden's (GMH) home for the past 80 years will now be a place where Victorian students and researchers work alongside new and emerging high growth industries in the fields of aerospace, defence, marine design and automotive design. The University of Melbourne has purchased approximately 7 hectares of the site to develop a new campus and significantly expand its Melbourne School of Engineering.

The new campus, which will open in the early 2020s, will be at the centre of Australia’s largest urban renewal project and will see more than 1,000 new engineering and IT students and academics collaborate with industry leaders.

The University of Melbourne’s proposal for the site is consistent with the Fishermans Bend Recast Vision released in September 2016 which aims for the employment precinct by 2050 to be a world-renowned location for innovative industries, attracting international investment and producing world-leading research, engineering, technology and products. Fishermans Bend will play an important role in the growth and prosperity of Melbourne, supporting 80,000 residents and 80,000 jobs by 2050.

Once complete it will consist of five key precincts – Montague, Lorimer, Sandridge, Wirraway and the Employment Precinct including University of Melbourne's School of Engineering. New and improved connections will leverage Fishermans Bend's strategic location between Port Phillip Bay, the Yarra River and Melbourne's central business district. It will boast unprecedented levels of walking, cycling and public transport connections that will set new benchmarks in city development.

The Victorian Government invites global industries, along with research, technology and education partners to be a part of this unique, city shaping project.

For more information visit the Fishermans Bend website or see the Fishermans Bend Vision.