Health and aged care

Victoria is a highly respected international leader in the health sector with a number of significant strengths that offer investment and trade opportunities.

Since the establishment of the Victoria's first hospitals more than 160 years ago, the state's health system has grown to become an international leader in many key areas. While hospitals are a significant part of the Victorian health landscape, many other organisations contribute to the delivery of  health services across Victoria. These organisations range from small-scale sole practitioners to large organisations that offer a broad range of services.

Our health system is staffed by a wide range of highly skilled people including medical professionals, nurses, allied health professionals, dental health practitioners, mental health workers, administrators and support staff. Many of these people work in large-scale services such as metropolitan and  regional hospitals, while others work in smaller organisations such as general practice clinics, community health services, rural hospitals and single-practitioner private practices.This multi-layered system provides a full range of services for all Victorians such as health prevention and promotion  activities, primary healthcare, drug and alcohol treatment and prevention services, mental health services, acute care and aged care.



Victoria's innovative and vibrant healthcare system, world-renowned universities, medical research leadership and successful life science sector provides a substantial  base to grow a vibrant health goods and services exports industry to support the health and productivity of communities worldwide.

Our strengths and capacity can be applied across the spectrum of health and aged care, ranging from the design of facilities  and training for health staff and medical specialists, to the use of the latest medical treatments and ongoing  management of health and aged care facilities.

Interest from China and others across the Asia Pacific region to partner with Victoria's academic and research institutions – internationally recognised as leaders having delivered breakthroughs in medical research over several decades – provides significant opportunities to commercialise research findings in the  biomedical sciences and bring new  technologies to the global market.

Aged Care

Victoria is anational leader in the design and  delivery of aged care facilities.

Aged care and retirement experts work closely with  specialists, peak bodies, government agencies, academies and industry leaders to ensure both the physical environment and health and aged care systems provide independence, choice and dignity  for seniors in Australia and internationally.

Our designers, planners, architects, engineers and business leaders all contribute to Victoria's state-of-the-art, future-ready health and  aged care infrastructure that delivers the best outcomes for patients and care-givers.


  • Victoria leads health-related reform in Australia.
  • Melbourne's Biomedical precinct (also known as the Parkville Precinct) is ranked in the top five precincts for biomedical excellence in the world, and the University of Melbourne and Monash University are in the top five biomedical universities in the Asia Pacific region.
  • Victoria's healthcare sector has a gross value added contribution to the State's economy of over A$30 billion per annum.
  • The healthcare sector is Victoria's largest and fastest growing source of employment1 .
  • Victoria's public and private health systems employ over 130,000 Victorians, with approximately 77,000 Victorians employed in the public health system.
  • Exports of healthcare and biosciences services and goods, generated revenue of A$2.4 billion in 2013 and over 10,000 Victorian jobs are associated with these exports2
  • In 2014-15, Victoria's life sciences companies generated revenue estimated at A$9.9 billion (including revenue earned overseas by Victorian companies)3.
  • Commercial research and development by the biosciences sector exceed over A$800 million per annum in 20144

Building design and construction

Victoria's designers, planners, architects, engineers and business leaders all contribute to Melbourne being the world's most liveable city. This includes state-of-the-art, future-ready health and aged care infrastructure that deliver the best outcomes for patients and care-givers and are delivered  in collaboration by government and industry partners.Aged care and retirement experts work closely with specialists, peak bodies, government agencies, academies and industry leaders to ensure both the physical environment and health and aged care systems provide independence, choice and dignity for seniors  in Australia and abroad.

Victorian companies deliver comprehensive design and construction services spanning:

  • pre-construction feasibility studies, master planning, architecture and interior design;
  • construction management, transport and logistics, contract management in operational and greenfield environments;
  • fit-out and refurbishment; and facility planning and management

Community-based facilities

Victorian organisations have extensive experience in designing and building community-based facilities that provide cost-effective clinical care, allowing the major hospitals to concentrate on acute inpatient treatment.These facilities typically cost under A$50 million and address local community needs  such as general practice, allied health and rehabilitation, renal dialysis and chemotherapy, specialist clinics, dental treatment, pathology, mental health services and operating theatres for day procedures.Examples include Cranbourne Integrated Care Centre, Broadmeadows Health Service, Djerriwarrh Health,  Craigieburn Super Clinic, Yarra Ranges Health and Sunbury Day Hospital

Partnerships for sustainable infrastructure

Victoria is a leading international knowledge centre for Public Private Partnership (PPP) infrastructure projects and like many other countries, Victoria's need for infrastructure development has been driven by strong population growth and it is supported by the Victorian Government's commitment to  deliver high-quality and better value for money infrastructure services. The Victorian Government has developed a robust PPP framework to attract private investment for major infrastructure projects and to ensure that they meet world best practice. Under this framework, project partners also remain accountable  during the entire lifetime of the project from procurement to final project delivery.

Victoria's excellent infrastructure highlights the State's leadership in the planning, construction, financing and management of major projects, a process in which PPPs play a key role. Our comprehensive PPP expertise covers governance and legal framework, risk management, procurement systems and financial  modelling and controlling.


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