Cancer, clinical research and therapeutics

Victoria is a leading centre for cancer care, research and the development of innovative new therapies.  Built on outstanding infrastructure for drug discovery, international clinical opinion leaders and a vibrant collaborative culture, the state is connected to the world in advancing oncology cures and treatments.

Comprehensive Cancer Centres

Victoria is home to three significant centres and collaborations that bring together the best of cancer care, research and education.

Specialised Manufacturing

  • CSL was a key partner in the development of the cervical cancer vaccine, Gardasil™, including establishing a licensing agreement with Merck & Co. that meant the vaccine progressed into clinical studies. Gardasil™ is now part of a national immunisation program to protect women from cervical cancer in Australian and worldwide.
  • IDT Australia specialises in the development, scale-up, and cGMP clinical and commercial manufacture of high potency and cytotoxic Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients and finished drug product. IDT Australia also offers a comprehensive range of specialist clinical trial labelling, packaging and dispensing services and can manufacture, under cGMP, active and placebo clinical trial supplies in a wide variety of dosage forms.