Vocational Education and Technical (VET)

Victoria's Vocational Education and Technical (VET) system is internationally recognised as one of the best in the world, most notably for its responsiveness to industry needs and its flexibility of delivery.

Victoria has more than 1,100 public and private VET providers, including Victoria's 13 publicly owned Technical and Further Education (TAFE) institutes, which deliver vocational courses through to degrees in more than 100 separate TAFE institute campuses located across Victoria. They also deliver training in the workplace, off-the-job, online and through other methods.

Video: Victoria's Vocational Education and Technical training institutes

Victorian VET providers currently deliver skills training and work in partnership with governments and industry partners in India, China, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, India, Philippines, Korea, Thailand and Indonesia. They also offer a range of training and consulting services to companies, governments and other educational institutions internationally, including:

  • Training needs assessments
  • Development and delivery of training
  • Train the trainer
  • Curriculum and standards development
  • Curriculum licensing
  • Qualifications frameworks
  • Vocational Leadership and governance programs

Australia's robust accreditation systems ensure the skills and knowledge gained are valued worldwide. Students benefit from studying with  teaching teams of industry experts who either work in, or have worked in the field they teach.

Student friendly city

Melbourne has been ranked as Australia's best student city, second only in the world to Paris for its diversity, social inclusion and quality of living. There are over 150,000 international students studying in Victoria in any given year. They make an indelible contribution to the vibrancy of our communities and connect Victorian communities and businesses globally, both during their time here as students as well as when they return home.  Graduate outcomes for Victoria's vocational graduates are high, with many programs run directly with industry through the apprenticeship and traineeship model.

List of government TAFE institutes

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