Melbourne, Victoria is a leading provider of high-quality education and research and the universities located in Victoria have decades of success educating hundreds of thousands of students globally. This record of providing quality education, training and research have been instrumental in building global skills and knowledge across many countries. The recent naming of Melbourne as among the best student cities in the world, second only to Paris, further underlines this reputation.

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Victoria's 10 universities are amongst the best in the world, with two in the world's top 100 universities and one in the world's top 40 universities. Victoria's institutions offer cutting-edge facilities, internationally engaged academic staff, access to world-leading research infrastructure and outstanding graduate outcomes.

Victorian university campuses are located in and around Melbourne, as well as throughout regional Victoria. Victorian universities are active globally offering education training and research solutions to governments, industry partners and students across the world. 

Australia's most student-friendly city

Melbourne has been ranked as Australia's best student city, second only in the world to Paris for its diversity, social inclusion and quality of living. There are over 150,000 international students studying in Victoria in any given year. They make an indelible contribution to the vibrancy of our communities and connect Victorian communities and businesses globally, both during their time here as students and as graduates either in the local job market or when they return home.

International Engagement

The Victorian Government invests in strategic international engagement to support Victorian organisations and industry to be globally active and competitive. International education plays a vital role in supporting and strengthening our international engagement, including through the cultural and social benefits arising from people-to-people linkages through education.

Victoria's research centres, universities and vocational training providers are partnering with industry, governments and educational institutions around the world through joint research initiatives, aid and development services, tailored curriculum development, joint program delivery, staff and student exchange, consultancy services and customised workforce development programs.

International multi-sector partnerships can draw on Melbourne's position as the world's most admired Knowledge City with specialities including biotechnology, ICT, medical research, advanced manufacturing, water management, food, and environmental and energy technologies. This concentration of expertise has drawn leading international companies to establish major research and development operations in the state, offering unique

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University students

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