Victorian agriculture and food processing

Why invest in Victorian agriculture and food processing

A strong economy

Victoria has experienced 23 years of continuous economic growth and 2.4 per cent average annual growth over the last 10 years.

High quality food produce

Victoria’s excellent reputation for clean and green produce gives it a competitive edge. Stringent regulatory procedures and an emphasis on environmental sustainability ensures that food is safe and produced at the highest standards.

A leader in food processing

Victoria produces over 30 per cent of Australia’s food, and its manufacturing utilises state-of-the-art technological advancements, high quality food safety systems, and a highly skilled workforce. Victoria has a proven track record of success in attracting international investors, such as Mondelez, to establish themselves in the Victorian food processing sector.

The food bowl of Australia

Agriculture has been a major contributor to the Victorian economy since the 1800’s. Victoria currently accounts for approximately one-quarter of Australia’s value of agriculture and its agriculture and food product exports. The State produces a diverse range of produce including meat, grains, fruit & vegetables and dairy products.

Well-connected to domestic  and international markets

Australia has preferential access  to Asia’s largest markets and has Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) with China, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Chile, New Zealand, United States, Singapore  and Thailand. It is conveniently placed  across major time zones to offer a practical location for global organisations looking for success in the region. It also can provide counter seasonal supply  of high demand products to Asian  countries in the Northern Hemisphere.

World-class infrastructure

Victoria is a compact state, meaning production areas are accessible to freight, processing and export infrastructure. The Government is continually investing in new infrastructure and improved technology. Average annual infrastructure investment over the next four years will be 50 per cent higher than the previous decade.

Cutting edge research

Victoria leads Australian research, development and extension (RD&E) in agriculture and food processing. Victoria’s capital city, Melbourne, has the lowest location costs for RD&E in Australia. The state has a critical mass of cutting-edge facilities, such as the Centre for AgriBioScience, DairyBio, the Grains Innovation Park, and CSIRO’s Food Innovation Centre. Victoria accounts for approximately 40 per cent of Australia’s food processing RD&E, and there is extensive collaboration between government and industry. The Victorian Government is a major investor in RD&E for agriculture and food processing.

Great talent

Victoria has more students graduating from agricultural and environmental studies than any other Australian state. This provides a strong suite of skills and talent for the state’s agriculture and food processing sector. Victoria also has the highest ranked university (University of Melbourne) and the largest university (Monash University).

Further information and assistance

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