Why invest in Victoria's dairy industry

Victoria is the Asia Pacific's most productive dairy centre and produces 62% of Australia's milk from just 3% of the country's land mass.1

An ideal environment for dairy

Victoria has the ideal climate and rich pasture to reliably produce high quality, affordable and plentiful feed and fodder. Access to secure water resources sustains and enables future expansion in dairy production.

The Victorian dairy industry has access to fertile soils and clean, secure water. Victoria enjoys a low incidence of pests and disease, that underpins world renowned biosecurity advantages. Our export success is mainly due to the industry’s efficient, pasturebased dairy farms, the availability of grain as a cost-effective feed supplement and a progressive and efficient processing sector.

A focus on export

The industry has a strong export focus, and a growing presence in large and emerging Asian markets. The longterm demand prospects for Victoria’s dairy industry are strong.

The Victorian dairy industry has well established trade routes into Asia, backed by strong relationships. Victoria also has world-class export infrastructure. It is home to Australia’s largest container and general cargo port as well as Australia’s largest international airfreight terminal, which operates curfew-free.

Highest quality and safety standards

With a long and proud history, Victoria’s dairy industry is well established, quality-assured, innovative, globally connected, sustainable, and backed by world-class research, development and extension (RD&E).

Victoria has world-leading dairy research and education institutions, such as Dairy Innovation Australia, the Gardiner Dairy Foundation and the National Centre for Dairy Education. It also has a high performing technology sector and a large and diverse processing industry that specialises in high-value products that attract a price premium in global markets.

Strong growth prospects

A positive global demand outlook provides a plethora of opportunities to achieve strong industry growth  in dairy that were not available  a decade ago.

Joint investment by government and industry in pre-farm gate RD&E has contributed to productivity growth in Victorian dairy. RD&E has played a role in improving the nutrition of pastures and feed used, as well as ongoing improvements to dairy cow genetics. These factors combined have contributed to industry (per cow) yield increases of around 25 per cent over the past 20 years.

Compelling investment opportunities

With robust global and domestic growth prospects for high-value dairy products, and strong competitive advantages, Victorian dairy offers compelling opportunities for those looking to invest.

Victoria’s dairy industry is backed by a strong and active group of industry bodies, which along with the Victorian Government, offer a range of support programs. These groups ensure that dairy producers in Victoria remain globally competitive and at the forefront of transformational innovation in the industry.

Further information and assistance

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