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Why invest in Victoria's livestock industries?

Efficient production of livestock

Victoria benefits from economies of scale and efficient production across its livestock industries. Victorian meat producers are responding to evolving international tastes with an extensive range of product options. The industry benefits from research, development and extension (RD&E) that maximises the efficiency and quality of processed meat.

A reputation for  safety and quality

Victoria’s livestock industries have an international reputation for safe, ‘clean and green’ animal products which meet international standards. Victoria’s biosecurity and traceability regulation, combined with trade relationships, allow the export of a large range of livestock and aquaculture products.

Links to growing Asian markets

Victoria is well placed to meet the growing demand for animal products from the emerging middle class in key Asian economies. Victoria’s excellent infrastructure provides timely and efficient transport systems including air freight.

Rapid growth in aquaculture

The value of Victorian aquaculture production grew by 14 per cent over the year to 2014-15. Victoria’s aquaculture sector is one of the ‘fantastic five’ agriculture growth opportunities identified by Deloitte Access Economics, based on domestic and global demand.

Strong local markets

Chicken meat, eggs and pork products from Victoria have strong demand throughout Australia. In particular, domestic fresh pork consumption per person has been steadily increasing  over the last five years.

Opportunities to add value through processing

Victoria’s livestock producers have the opportunity to collaborate with processors to meet the growing demand of time-poor consumers with safe, green, ethical and traceable livestock products. Victoria’s strong manufacturing base and diverse range of product offerings underpin opportunities in processed livestock products.

Ethical and niche production

Victoria’s robust regulatory system ensures ethical production. Diverse production systems cater for a range of high value markets. Victoria is well placed to meet consumer demand for products from ethically-raised animals.

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