Food Processing

Why invest in Victorian food processing

A national leader with a proven track record

Victoria is Australia’s major food processing state, accounting for one third of the processed food produced by Australia. An IBM international plant location benchmarking study found that Victoria is the best location in the Asia Pacific for advanced food and beverage processing.

Outstanding quality foods and inputs

Victorian food processors have ready access to a diverse range of clean and green agricultural produce. Advanced control systems, such as Dairy Food Safety Victoria and PrimeSafe, ensure that processed foods are certified and safe. These advantages underpin Victoria’s strong international reputation for high quality premium foods.

Competitive costs

Melbourne has the lowest operating costs for food processing of any Australian city. Victoria has world-class export infrastructure, and is investing $12 billion in ongoing improvements to ensure that export rates for sea and air-freight remain competitive.

A highly innovative food sector

Around 30 per cent of Australia's food research development and extension (RD&E) occurs in Victoria through collaboration between government and industry. Examples include the Red Meat Innovation Centre, Grains Innovation Centre, the Centre for AgriBioScience, Food Innovation Centre and the CSIRO Food Innovation Centre. Victoria has a critical mass of RD&E capabilities and talented scientists to turn research into innovative solutions for the food processing industry.

Booming export markets

Victoria’s food processing industry exported $1.3 billion worth of processed food in 2015-16. This represents over 40 per cent of  Australia’s processed food exports.

Skilled food processing labour force

Victoria has a large, experienced and well-trained food processing workforce, the legacy of a long history as a manufacturing state. Within Victorian manufacturing, food processing is a standout sector.

Further information and assistance

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