UST attracts global talent in Melbourne

The Investment

(USA 2022)

Global digital transformation company UST has relocated its Australia and New Zealand (ANZ) headquarters to Melbourne and established its first Australian innovation lab.

The Story

UST, headquartered in the United States, has been driving transformation for over 22 years. With a global presence and 30,000 employees across 30 countries, UST specialises in digital and technology consulting services. The company has a strong focus on innovation and collaboration as evidenced by the launch of its first innovation lab Melbourne.

We have identified Australia as a growth region, so we’re investing heavily by establishing Melbourne as our regional headquarters.

Matthew McCormack, Managing Director, UST

Panorama of UST staff in office environment

Matthew McCormack and Agnes Misiurny at Melbourne Connect with Invest Victorian staff.

UST made the strategic decision to relocate its ANZ headquarters from Sydney to Melbourne. Along with its international reputation for liveability, Melbourne's thriving tech and higher education sectors made it an attractive choice for UST. Melbourne produces the most tech graduates than any other Australian state and offers a multicultural cosmopolitan lifestyle, which UST believes will make it easier for them to attract and retain employees.

UST’s new Innovation Lab, located at Melbourne Connect will serve as a platform to collaborate with Australian organisations. Melbourne Connect is one of Australia’s leading innovation precincts.  It is based at the University of Melbourne and aims to bring together digital and data science knowledge workers from across Melbourne’s ecosystem to drive solutions to societies' biggest problems. The lab, UST’s eighth globally - joins existing labs in the US, UK, India, Malaysia, Israel, and Spain, will focus on leveraging UST’s expertise and collaborative approach to address unique challenges and deliver innovative solutions. The collaboration space will serve as a ‘landing pad’ for expanding UST's global portfolio of companies focused on cybersecurity, customer experience, data, and analytics.

As UST settles into its new headquarters, the company will continue to leverage its partnerships with industry-leading technology providers such as Microsoft, AWS, Salesforce, Adobe, Google Cloud, SAP, Intel, Oracle, and OutSystems.

Hear from Matthew McCormack on UST's investment journey - click to play video

How we helped

The team at Invest Victoria played a crucial role in UST’s move to Melbourne. They provided support throughout the process including assistance with location selection, grants, and operational setup. Invest Victoria also facilitated UST's integration into the local community by hosting them at relevant events and connecting them with valuable networks.

Invest Victoria made it easy for a global company like us to come and set up in Melbourne.

Matthew McCormack, Managing Director, UST

Looking to the future

UST’s move to Melbourne and the establishment of their Innovation Lab at Melbourne Connect strengthens the company’s ability to deliver on its commitment to collaboration, research and innovation and to deliver better solutions and outcomes for its customers. This strategic move also sets the stage for UST to further grow in Australia and the Asia Pacific.

Invest Victoria staff conducting a walking meeting outside with UST employee

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