Victoria's relationship with the Middle East, Africa and Turkey

Situated in a large and diverse region, the Middle East, Africa and Turkey are important economic partners for Victoria. Many countries in the region are experiencing strong economic and population growth and are engaging more and more in global markets.

The Victorian Government has long recognised the importance of engagement with this region and has maintained a Victorian Government Business Office in Dubai, United Arab Emirates since 1997.

The Middle East, Africa and Turkey are key export destinations for Victorian food and fibre products, education and VET, mining, equipment, technology and services (METS), automotive products and professional services.

Several countries in the region are very significant export markets for Victoria; Saudi Arabia is Victoria's fifth largest merchandise export market and the United Arab Emirates is Victoria's eleventh largest merchandise export market.

Iran is an emerging market for Victoria following the lifting of many of Australia's autonomous sanctions on Iran in January 2016. Opportunities exist for Victorian companies across a range of sectors, including food and fibre, international education, water technology and METS.