Victoria's relationship with Japan

Victoria has a long standing and strong relationship with Japan which includes a history of mutual business participation. Japan is Victoria's third largest trading partner and there are approximately 170 Japanese companies currently operating in Victoria.

The Victorian Government is committed to maintaining our strong relationship with Japan, with a presence through our Victorian Government Business Office in Tokyo. This office has the dual aim of both developing and maintaining relationships with potential and current investors and facilitating exports into Japan. 

Victoria has 17 sister city relationships with Japan including Melbourne and Osaka, whilst Victoria and Aichi prefecture are sister states. A celebration of the 35th anniversary of the sister state relationship between Victorian and Aichi was celebrated in 2015. Victoria's close relationship with Aichi is based on education, investment, trade, arts and culture and youth exchange.

There are over 170 prominent Japanese companies currently operating in Victoria that cover a wide range of industries. Food and beverage investors include Asahi, Kirin, Kagome and Yakult; automotive organisations include Toyota, Honda, Denso and Nissan; manufacturers include Australian Paper and Rinnai, Japanese retailers include MUJI and Uniqlo and ICT companies NEC and Fujitsu have also invested in Victoria.